Friday, July 3, 2009

Every move you make...

Usually a hand as a defensive exercise will have only one or two key moments. What I like about the Ghalib Crown hand is that there was something to do at almost every early trick.

After N/S bid 1C - 1H; 2C - 3H; 4H this was our defence
1. SK - 3- 7 - 8
2. SJ - 4- 10 - A
3. HQ - K - A - 2
Good cover by West (Else declarer plays heart to the ace; cashes CA pitching a diamond; diamond to king and claim)
East should technically start the unblock by playing the heart six.

4. CQ - K - H7- C5

5. HJ - 3 - 4- 6
If East does unblock both his high hearts, superficially declarer has been locked in hand. But he can make by playing a diamond to the jack and the defence has to give him access to dummy's two club winners (6H, 1S, 1D and 2C tricks)

6. H9 - D9 - C3- H10
The diamond nine is an error. More on this later.

7. DA - D3- D4- D8
Better was to play a club. Then declarer has to avoid cashing his second winning club and lead a diamond. East has no choice but to rise with the diamond ace and give declarer delayed access to his club winner (and another diamond finesse).

8. D7 - D5- D6 - Claim.
If West preserves the diamond nine at trick 6, East can get off play with a club, rise with the diamond ace and play another club and defence comes to four tricks before declarer gets ten.

To finish off the story, the Thai pair nailed everything against us for the last set of the tournament and finished +41 on datum for the match.

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