Friday, August 28, 2009

Its the.........Bermuda Bowl

The Norwegian team with the Bermuda Bowl Trophy - 2007

The Bermuda Bowl starts this weekend. I am looking forward to some vugraph matches at crazy hours. Around 12 tables will be telecast at once so there will be plenty of action. Any missed matches can be caught in the newly refurbished BBO archives section.

There is an extensive summary of the bidding system design of participants here. All convention cards can be perused here. There will be a post soon about an officially-WBF-disliked-system that did not make it to the list.

My predictions
Italy versus Netherlands in the final
USA2 lose in the semifinal
USA1 lose in the quarterfinal
Quarterfinalists : Italy, Netherlands, USA2, USA1, Brazil,China, Norway, Bulgaria
Australia struggles

Happy Clicking !


  1. For anyone too lazy to work it out Australian Eastern session times are:

    00:00 -> 02:20
    03:30 -> 05:50
    06:20 -> 09:40

    First session is Monday morning (ie starts Midnight on Sunday) and has Australia facing off against USA-1!

  2. Your final placing predictions ended up pretty accurate. I will still be claiming my free lunch at the SNOT though ;)